The Abbinator Challenge

Do you think you have what it takes?
Do you have what it takes to be a member of the Sweet Lucy’s Abbinator Hall of Fame? The Abbinator Challenge is a sundae that is as challenging as its name — our most outrageous specialty made with eight scoops of ice cream and your choice of eight toppings served in Sweet Lucy’s fashion with whipped cream, cherries, and wafers.
Anyone who is able to finish the Abbinator sundae with NO HELP will be immortalized on our hall of fame plaque. This is the list of people who have taken the Abbinator Challenge and finished every bite.


Timmer Farley 11/24/2010
Maryanne Rybarczyk 03/27/2011
Holly Alexander 06/23/2011
Kathleen Snyder 06/23/2011
Sean Arawjo 06/23/2011
Mike Jessup 08/05/2011
@A_Snyder12 10/10/11
Carter Ross 12/04/11
Bennett Ross 12/04/11
Todd Grube 12/30/11
James Schadt 03/10/12
John King 10/12/12